The Value of Printing Oversize Plans in Color Over Black and White

The Reprographic printing industry is rapidly changing as we move further into the new age of technology. There are now printers like the HP 5000 that are capable of producing color line drawings for the pretty much the same cost as a normal black and white print. The pictures below show just how much builders, engineers, and architects can benefit by printing in color in many different project categories.

Help reduce your project cost by using color in your documents

Today, Replica Printing’s investment in state of the art color printing technology makes printing in color virtually the same cost as black only printing. Your true savings come from reducing confusion and rework. Color makes complex plans easy for your crews to discriminate.

“Every $1 invested in color printing can yield an amazing $4 in savings for a given project” according to a study by Lyra.

Color creates an impact.

Compared to black-and-white output, color stands out and gets noticed. In presentations, or in large-format renderings and schematics, color output demands attention. In a complex line drawing color can differentiate one part of the plan from the other or highlight a certain part that you want to make sure does not get looked over at a glance. Utilizing color the right way can help you and your team work faster on projects and can help eliminate errors.

Color Reduces overall project costs

When used in design and construction documents in the traditional design-bid-build projects. Color makes it easier to identify and denote various systems in schematics, thereby improving the ability for architects, engineers and contractors to communicate and collaborate on a project. The use of color helps reduce miscommunication that can result in costly mistakes, revisions and lost productivity- all of which directly affect costs.

Examples of Line Drawings That are Better in Color


House Plans




3D Renderings


Fire Alarms and Emergency Systems


Restaurants/Commercial Building Layouts 



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