Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery

If you are in the process of planning a wedding then you are probably wondering about some of the stationery you will need to get printed and send out to guests. There are quite a few items required even for a small wedding and a large formal wedding may require a lot of planning to ensure all the wedding stationery needs are met. To help you with your planning and arrangements here is a list of all the wedding stationery required for an average wedding.

– Save The Date Cards

The first wedding stationery item you’ll need is the Save The Date card. Once you’ve locked down the date for the wedding it will be time to send out these cards to let your potential guests know when the wedding is planned to happen. Most of the details for the wedding will not yet have been worked out and a theme for the stationery will probably not have been decided on so this card will likely be fairly basic.

The card should also include the city, state, and possibly the country (for a destination wedding) that the wedding will take place in and should be sent at least six months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, you should give your guests eight to twelve months notice.

If you have a website or social media page for the wedding then you should include it here to let your guests stay up-to-date.

– Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are normally sent out about six weeks before the wedding is due to take place. The invitation should include everything that a guest needs to know at this point and should use the same common theme as your other wedding stationery.

The invitation stationery will also include the envelope that the invitation is sent in. This may be a plain envelope but it is often printed with the theme for the wedding, so factor this into your wedding stationery printing plans and costs.

Remember to get the entire invitation package weighed and the postage cost calculated before you start sending them out. You don’t want to get them sent back due to insufficient postage.

Your invitation package will usually include the following items.

— Invitation Inserts

If you have any information that won’t fit onto the invitation card then the invitation insert is the place to put it. This insert should include all the nitty-gritty details that the guest will need to know.

— Invitation RSVP Cards

The RSVP card allows the guest to send information back to you about their possible attendance at the wedding. Some information may be best presented as checkboxes to tick and option menus to select from to simplify things, or you can allow the guest to enter personalized information.

This card usually includes information such as will/won’t they be able to attend the wedding, what reception food and drink menu choices do they like, etc. You should also let them know the preferred deadline for sending the RSVP card back so you have plenty of time to plan for their attendance

— Invitation Response Envelopes

A response envelope makes it easier for the guest to return the RSVP card to you, so you should remember to include these. They will normally have your response address printed on them along with the names of the guests you are inviting. They will also usually be printed with the theme of the wedding.

– Wedding Ceremony Programs

The wedding ceremony programs are given to the guests before the wedding ceremony. They provide the guest with all the information that they need to know for their attendance at the wedding.

– Escort Cards and Place Cards

Escort cards are usually placed in a display near the entrance to the reception area and let the individual guest know where they will be sitting. Place cards are placed to mark their position at the table they will be sitting at. These may be optional depending on the scale and formality of the reception.

– Menu Cards

Menu cards are either used to give the guest a choice of meals or remind them of which meal they already selected via the RSVP card. These may also be optional for less formal receptions.

– Thank You Cards

Generally, these are sent out within a year after the wedding to thank the guests for attending and update them on any information they may wish to know. Normally you’ll want to send these out within a shorter timespan, however.

Getting your wedding stationery organized can seem like a daunting task, particularly when combined with everything else a wedding may involve. Some careful planning and clever delegation can make the whole process run much more smoothly though. One way to take the stress out of your wedding stationery arrangements is to choose an experienced and professional printer to create all that stationery for you.

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