Replica’s Direct Mail Services has been helping local businesses save time, money, and increase response rates. Since we are a digital printer, we mail merge and use variable text or images during one printing process. Whether it is postcards or personalized letters, Replica can help get your marketing message in the mail the next day!

We realize in today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs. “On-demand” or “just-in-time” digital printing eliminates excess printing and dated materials. Adding variable data text and images is a proven way to print less with higher returns. Additionally, with the recent increase in sales tax, you are now saving 8.75% when you print and mail from our location -NO SALES TAX!!!

Our mailing services include:

– Ink Jet Addressing & Digital Printing
– Barcoding, Presorting and Mailing
– Machine & Hand Folding, Inserting & Sealing
– Machine & Hand Collating
– Affixing Labels
– Tabbing/Wafer-Sealing
– Matched Mailings
– Metering
– Hand Stamp Affixing
– Sequencing (numeric & alpha)
– Tag, Tray and Deliver to USPS
– And More!

Contact us to learn more about our “Green” alternatives for your Direct