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What are Reprographics?

Reprographics is an industry term used to describe the process of “REPROducing” plans and specifications for the building and construction industries. These documents are typically produced in wide format, 36×48 (E size), 30×42 (Architectural 30), 24×36 (D size), 18×24 (C size), or 12×18 (B size).

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You may be familiar with the historical vernacular for these documents as, “blueprints”. Although the process of creating these documents no longer renders them blue, the term now used to describe this process is “digital imaging”.
Often the unsung hero, particularly in the area of the packaging supply chain, reprography, is basically a series of methods and processes that transform packaging design goals into reality!
Ideally, reprographics enable you to scale graphics larger or smaller depending on your unique needs or even recreate them in the original size. These subsequent images can then be utilized for billboards, posters, marketing purposes, or, consequently, be replicated into magazines and brochures.
With reprographics, you can subsequently also print large document quantities for organizations and businesses, in addition to using printers and photocopying to create more sophisticated documents such as manuals, brochures, and even pamphlets.

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Reprographics Services

Replica specializes in large format printing, copying, and scanning of construction documents and blueprints in black & white or color, as well as large signs and posters. We use the latest wide format print technology from HP to produce high-quality prints, copies, or scans up to 36 inches wide.

Some of our more popular oversize products include:


Who are Reprographics For?

Reprographics is applicable in a wide array of fields and professions. As a first, it is useful for staff and students since it allows them to create their lesson plans effectively, graphics purposed for presentations as well as coursework materials, not to mention worksheets for the students.
Similarly, reprographics is also applicable for businesses as it allows you to produce content for clients, print some business cards for your firm, not to mention creating various branded marketing materials. Surprisingly, reprographics is not just useful for the professional world alone-hobbyists may also utilize it. How?
Depending on your purpose and business type, you can create postcards, newsletters, personalized greeting cards, labels, and even magazines.
Due to its simplicity, reprographics can allow you to reproduce a single design over and over again, subsequently saving you both time and resources.

Replica Printing: The perfect destination for all your reprographic & blueprints printing needs

Replica Printing is your one-stop spot for all your unique commercial and individual reprographic needs! Whether you need a reprographics plan for your architectural designs or want some color posters for your trade show, we can do it all for you!
We specialize in copying, large format printing, and scanning of blueprints and construction documents both in color and in black & white format. We utilize modern wide-format print technology courtesy of HP to generate high-quality copies, prints and scans extending up to 36 inches wide.
Whatever your reprographics needs, our quality service and fast turnaround render us the ideal choice for all reprographics projects, whether small or large. Moreover, our team of experienced personnel are well equipped and vastly experienced to assist you in working on all your reprographics and digital printing needs.
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