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Highlighting the TacBookUSA & Synthetic Paper

Have you ever gotten water on some important papers? What about the warped pages after the liquid dries?

Normal paper is good for indoor settings, but not ideal for outdoor use. That’s why we are highlighting a project from TacBookUSA that prints on Synthetic Paper!

Synthetic paper can be printed on and bound like normal paper, but it is waterproof and tear free! If you refer to policies, make observations, or take and refer to notes in a field setting, then synthetic paper might just be your best choice!

The TacBook (pictured) is the first, pocket-sized, durable and comprehensive field guide designed by police trainers specifically for law enforcement professionals. It contains essential laws, codes and procedures so officers can quickly access the information they need. – More information at

A perfect match to this synthetic paper is waterproof pens. This waterproof duo will have you unstoppable!

Starts raining during an important field observation? Not a problem.

Drop your notebook into some mud? Wash it right off with some water! Your work will be just fine.

Field work is hard work, so rely on synthetic paper to do its job! High quality paper with high quality prints can assure you that your project will never warp from the weather. Call or email us to place your order for synthetic paper!

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