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Why Time Management Is Important for Placing Orders

Time is one of those things that we can’t get enough of. Missing a deadline due to poor time management is a frequently avoidable error. Improving your time management can help you out and help others around you too! Replica has a wide variety of clients and we care about them all tremendously! We love seeing our clients happy and satisfied with their order once it is ready. In order to achieve this level of satisfaction every time, we plan each day of printing very seriously. Replica’s time management planning starts at the very first step of the order process: clients placing their order. It is crucial to let us know if your project has a firm due date up front! This allows us to adjust our internal priorities as soon as possible to ensure your project’s success. While print production is a linear process for any given job, each job is unique in its size and relative demands on the different functional areas of production. This requires constant rebalancing of the workload between digital pre-press, printing, finishing (cutting, binding, etc.), and shipping or delivery. Think of our printing process as a series of conveyor belts that all need to be rolling in rhythm each day. So hopefully you can see that a sense of time management is very important to have when you place an order with us! If we are not made aware of your deadline, then we won’t be able to] make the necessary internal adjustments in time to help your project succeed. Replica wants to provide you with the best quality service, experience, and product so help us help you!

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