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Don’t Sweat Over Printing Problems

Printing experiences do not always go as planned. Mistakes can be made, deadlines may not be met, or your work of art is just not what you expected. Digital technology has opened the doors to a new world of printing, and your worries will be erased when you hear what digital printers have to offer.

The Pro’s of using Digital Printers:

  • Quick turnaround = Same Day, Next Day Printing!
  • Extended Deadlines = more time to prepare files
  • Personalization & Customizable prints
  • Printed proofs show as finished product
  • Variety of printing capabilities, Multiple Paper, Media & Size options
  • No Quantity Minimums
  • Press Quality Prints without Press Minimums or high cost

There are common printing worries and issues that can be solved in the blink of an eye thanks to digital printers!

Common Printing Issues and Solutions:

Issue 1: Deadlines!

Solution: Your project is needed by this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow morning? A digital printer will have quick turnaround time, usually several hours to one day. By simply emailing the document in, the printing process is shortened and simplified even further.

Issue 2: You have no idea how to format and design your project

Solution: Don’t have a creative streak today? No problem! Graphic designers will help perfect your project, giving it those added touches and format designing. They are there to bring your idea to life.

Issue 3: You made a mistake

Solution: Even if you made a mistake with your format or need to edit or update your document, digital printers can fix the problem in a matter of seconds and reprint or print more copies from there. Digital printers make specification products easy to handle.

Issue 4: You need customized copies

Solution: Only a digital printer can provide individual, personalized products while also being able to print dozens, hundreds, or thousands of copies. A digital printer understands that each personalized piece is important to not only the customer but the recipient of the final product.

Issue 5: What will my final product look like?

Solution: A digital printer has the capability to print a single hard copy (which commercial printers cannot do), thus allowing a customer to view the proof of their final product, or other words, a final draft. Your printed copies will be exact replicas if that proof.

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