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In-Person Training

In-Person Training Is Back!

With the recent nationwide relaxation of Covid restrictions, many companies are returning to hosting meetings and trainings in person. While it is no doubt nice to experience real human interaction once again, the best part of in-person training is being able to distribute printed study materials to participants. There is a wealth of research that indicates that people learn and retain more information from printed materials as opposed to digital files.

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, people read faster but comprehend less with digital texts as opposed to print. The main difference between printed text and digital texts is the effect on metacognition. The Journal of Experimental Psychology found that there is a “less accurate prediction of performance and more erratic study-time regulation on screen than on paper”. Metacognition is a crucial aspect of training because it encourages trainees to become aware of their progress and take ownership of their own learning.

Numerous surveys have shown that people prefer to learn from printed materials and believe that they retain more information. Reading from printed materials allows readers to focus their attention on the text itself while digital texts include moving stimuli that can distract readers.

With the transition to in-person training, it is important to consider how new information is presented to trainees. Utilizing printed training guides can create more effective in-person training where trainees will better comprehend and retain new information.

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