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9 Things to Include on Your Business Card

Business cards are all about helping people remember you. So what should you include on your business card to make yourself memorable?

Business Card Essentials:

1) Your name

Including your name on your business card is a personal touch that lets your recipient know who they can contact at your company, as well as help them remember your name when they decide to give you a call.

2) Business name

This is usually the most prominent text element on your business card. Since you won’t have a lot of space to give a long description of your business, including your business name is essential so that your recipient can at least Google your business to get a reminder of the services/products you provide.

3) Your title

Including some sort of indication as to what you do at your company will keep your card from becoming a dreaded mystery card, which will also help keep it from ending up in the trash can.

4) A way to contact you

Whether it is a phone number or email (preferably both), this is the #1 thing that needs to be included in your business card. There is hardly any point giving someone your business card if they don’t have a way to contact your afterward.

Other Important Stuff:

5) Address

This element has varying importance depending on what type of business you work for. If your customers typically don’t need to come to your business location then it might not be necessary, if they do, then it should definitely be included.

6) Web page

If your company has a web-page then your should include it on your business card, but your business card can still be great if you don’t have one.

7) Brand promise or tagline

A brief description of your business can be useful when the business name is somewhat ambiguous or doesn’t clearly convey what the business does. Taglines can also convey benefits and features. Including a brand promise makes your business card more than just a contact card.

8) Social media icons w/ URL

Your business card can be a great place to make people aware that your company has social media profiles. Don’t forget to include your username or URL for each site so that they can find your profile easily.

9) Graphics & Whitespace

Graphics can help make your business card more eye catching, but remember not to overload it. A good amount of whitespace will keep your recipient from being overwhelmed and make the most important elements easy for them to find.

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