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Why Printed Proofs Are Important

“Proof” is the most important aspect of science, mathematics, literature, law, and just about any other field of study you can think of. Proof is also necessary to assure that what is being presented is true and correct. Scientists need to prove any theory they come up with through experimentation and research. Mathematicians construct proofs that are multiple pages long of complex formulas to prove an answer. Proofreading is an extremely important step in the writing process that helps make sure there are no spelling, grammar, or content mistakes. In the world of printing, having a proof is just as vital to the success of a business.

One of the best benefits of choosing Replica Printing for your next project is our FREE printed proofs.  A printed proof is a hard copy of the project that is produced from the printer itself.  The number one advantage of a printed proof is the dialogue that it creates between the printer and customer.  With a proof, the customer can check for mistakes and can go over it with the printer to see what looks right and what needs to change.  After going over the printed proof with the customer it is highly unlikely that there will be any discrepancies between the printer and customer.

This is an example of a bleed that would be corrected if a printed proof was created

Proofs are also a good way for a customer to check if their color palette looks accurate, because a proof is essentially the color reference guide for the project. Monitors do not have the ability to display all the different colors that a printer does, and that is why a printed proof is better than a digital proof to check if your printed project’s color is correct.

Black and white proofing is just as important as color proofing. The thing that throws off a large amount of customers is just how many shades of black that are involved with black and white printing. Most of these shades cannot be reproduced on a monitor, so the digital proof ends up making all of the blacks look as if they are the same shade.

This yelp review from a loyal Replica Printing customer, is a testament to how important free printed proofs can be to the printing process.

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