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Employee Spotlight: Gabe

Here at Replica, we believe our most valuable assets are not the machines we use for printing, but rather our hard-working employees who operate them. After all, without our awesome team, our printers are just expensive hunks of plastic! Everyone here on Team Replica helps to ensure your print projects are the best quality and they go above and beyond to exceed expectations. To show our appreciation we are starting a new monthly blog series highlighting the amazing people on our team and giving you a more personal look inside Replica Printing.

This month we’re putting the spotlight on Gabe, our production manager, who has been with us for over six years. As production manager, Gabe oversees the printing process, from file set-up to finish, a role critical to ensuring the best quality prints. When Gabe is not with us at the shop, he is either spending time with his family or cheering on his favorite sports teams! Check out our spotlight graphic below that explores a little more about our sushi-loving, Aztec for life, production manager!

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