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How Oversize Scanning Is Done and Why It’s Important

Many of our customers are unaware that we offer a service for Oversize Scanning. Living in a digital era, it is very important to have digital copies of any and all physical documents and images, including the larger ones. You may need to scan your oversize documents and images for a digital backup, to email the file to somebody or simply for organizational purposes.

This article is going to illustrate how it’s done here at Replica Printing, and what accompanying services we provide.

These services include scanning Architectural & Engineering (up to 36″ wide), Color Maps & Renderings, Oversize Photos, Newspaper, Posters and more.

Our large format scanner (the scanner we use is an Océ PlotWave 350) can help convert your hard copy color and Black & White documents into electronic PDF, TIFF or JPEG files. Whether you are scanning low resolution (200 DPI) engineering plans or a large poster at 600 DPI (Dots Per Inch), our large format scanner will impress you with its speed, quality, and competitive pricing.

We first specify what resolution we need the output file to be, as well as whether it needs to be in color or black and white. All of this is done on the accompanying touch screen display.

Once the document is properly set up, the scanner is ready to be fed the document. We place the document into the feeder, and it swiftly sends it through the scanner.

Below is a short video clip showing the machine scanning a print of a large topographical map.

Once the document is fed through the scanner, the output file is immediately sent through our secure server to one of our computers.

At that point, the file is ready to be sent back to our customer, who will now have peace of mind knowing that their physical document is safely backed up in a digital format and can be re-printed at any time, if need be.

You should now have a better understanding of the importance of digital scanning and how it is done!

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