Revealing The Secret To Giving Your Business Logo The Perfect Look

Big brand company logos are the most valuable inch of real estate on the planet. Inc magazine estimated the value of the Nike swoosh logo at $13 billion.

Your logo will have a major impact on how your customers judge both your company and products. As such you want the very best design possible. But how can you create such a logo?

I recommend that you don’t start with a pen and pencil, or graphics software, instead be counter-intuitive and begin by thinking about the end result you want to make in your customers mind first.  

To build branding power deep into your logo design start by learning about the different types of logos, how to convey sales messages graphically. Once you have figured out how to best communicate your company’s benefits, then use the checklist below to review logo submissions and pick the perfect new logo for your business.

Logos Types & Which is Right for Your Company

Designs for logos generally fall into these categories:

  • Wordmarks – The name of the company, or its initials, are formed into a symbolic logo design with the use of fonts and graphics. Examples of wordmark logos are IBM and Google.  
  • Letterform – Here a single letter is used to denote the brand. Only the largest firms can achieve brand identity this way, such as Honda and McDonalds.
  • Pictorial – These logos are illustrated icons of familiar items that are related to the company offerings. Famous logos such as Playboy and Twitter are examples of pictorial logos.
  • Abstract – Graphics artistic elements are used for designing these logos such as the Nike swoosh.

To decide which type is right for your logo first consider your company name. If it is short length, like eBay, a wordmark logo could work well. To get an awesome name for your business make sure it has longevity, is not offensive, and is memorable.

If you are new in the marketplace, wordmark and lettermark logos will better establish your brand name than completely abstract designs.

Study your industry to determine what types of competitors logos exist to give you a clue as to the target market’s preference.

Brand Identity & How to Make Your Logo Speak

Your logo’s job is to tell your prospects what your company is all about.  When people see your logo, they should be able to get a sense of your company personality and point of difference, from your market competitors.  

Look at the Amazon logo which is a wordmark of the company name, with an arrow from the A to Z, saying that they carry everything from a to z. Also, the curve of the arrow is meant to symbolize a smile saying that they offer friendly customer service.

Your logo is communicating your brand promise. What are you promising your customers? Expertise, value, selection, exclusivity, innovation – use that in your logo designs.  

Here’s how, ask yourself; why did you start your business, what are our values, what makes you special and then distill this into three words that describe your brand attributes such as distinctive, luxurious and special.

Remember to think like your target audience. Use graphics that they will perceive as your brand promise words. An example, what millennials see as luxurious ( tech-savvy and unique) is very different than what seniors see as luxurious (European and classic). Use this information to design the perfect logo style to speak to your customers.

Use color to your advantage to turbo charge your marketing. Begin by standing out from your competitors by using a color they don’t use. Then consider the psychological power of different shades. Studies have shown that red is stimulating and good for restaurants and high-energy products, while blue is preferred by men and conveys peace and success.  

Use these brand promise to tell our graphic designer about the logo design you want. They will appreciate such a clear, compelling logo design brief. Replica Printing offers great in-house graphic design services , and there is also a list of other alternatives for logo designs.

Review Checklist to Pick the Perfect Logo

Now that you have thought out what your logo needs to communicate, it’s time to review the logo designs your graphic designer submits.  This checklist will help you narrow down logo design options, to decide which logo is perfect for your new company.

Is this logo design:

  1. Attractive – Even without color. Review design in black and white to see graphics clearly.
  2. Professional – To be credible in the marketplace.
  3. Simple shape – To be more memorable.
  4. Convey Impression – To speak to your company difference to buyers. These are the brand words you created while planning as described above.
  5. Versatile and scalable  – To be able to use in a variety of sizes and mediums – both in print and digital.
  6. Timeless – Design is not too modern or faddish so it will not go out of style quickly.
  7. Color – Matches your brand personality.

Now that you have your perfect logo use it everywhere, such as on all your printed material, direct mail, websites and social media accounts. Since you have planned well and built strong branding into the design, your logo is now ready to go forth and build your business beautifully.


About the Author:  Marsha Kelly

Marsha Kelly sold her first business for more than a million dollars. She has shared hard-won experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur on her Best4Businesses blog, where she also regularly posts business tips, ideas, and suggestions, as well as product reviews, for business readers. As a serial entrepreneur who has done “time” in corporate America, Marsha has learned what products and services really work well in business today. You can learn from her experiences to build your business.

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  1. I have a sister that is looking to get a postcard for marketing. She wants to make sure that she is conveying the right message for her business. It might be wise for her to look into getting colors that match the brand personality.

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