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5 Ways Synthetic Paper Can Save Money & Time

It looks like paper, and it feels like paper, but in fact, it is not paper.

Synthetic paper is a material usually produced from resin and in some cases plastics. Although it has a similar look and feel, synthetic paper has several distinct advantages over traditional paper stocks.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider using synthetic paper for your next print project:

1. No Need to Laminate

Avoid the high cost of lamination while retaining all of the benefits. With synthetic paper, your project is water and weatherproof and looks professional at a fraction of the cost of getting a traditional paper laminated.

2. Water, Dirt, & Weather Proof

When it comes to things that see constant use and abuse like restaurant menus, quick-reference job aids, and other training materials, durability is essential for continued use and success. With synthetic paper stocks, you don’t have to worry about water, dirt, or tearing.

3. Reduces Lead Time & Lowers Costs

Without the need for lamination, projects printed on synthetic paper stocks require less lead time and are significantly cheaper in terms of labor and material costs. Using synthetic paper can make print jobs more affordable and allows them to be completed quickly. All of this, in addition to the other benefits offered by synthetic paper.

4. Erasable

Due to its sturdiness, synthetic paper is perfect for collaboration and training materials. With synthetic paper, you can make notes in pencil directly on the sheet and simply erase it when you are done. Yes, regular paper can also do this, but it will not withstand continued wear and tear. After erasing pencil marks on synthetic paper, the sheet is as good as new.

5. Digital Printability

Synthetic paper can be processed through the same equipment as traditional paper. At Replica, we use our Ricoh 9200 printer to provide our customers with quick turnaround and vibrant color matching. Whether you’re printing quick-reference job aids, business forms, menus, or point of sale materials, you should consider using synthetic paper stock to make your project stand out and last long.

Save time, money, and resources by choosing to print your next project on synthetic paper. Not only will you get the same look and feel of traditional paper, but synthetic stocks also offer superior durability and practicality. Combined with Replica’s 5-Star service, you can be sure your project will come off the presses looking great.

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