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5 Reasons to Love Print

In this current digital age, printed materials might sound as outdated as a rotary phone, but here at Replica, we know that couldn’t be more false. There’s no doubt that digital marketing is effective, and it’s also easy to measure and analyze. Despite those attractive aspects, the sheer volume of competition you’re up against every second of every day is extraordinary, and engagement is tough to capture. Print, on the other hand, makes a more lasting impression and has several benefits your company should take advantage of!

Here are just five reasons we love print:

  1. Print is great for learning and retention:

♥ 88% believe they understand, retain, or use information better when they read print. [1] When creating your next employee handbook or other learning materials, opt for the physical printed book to gain the best understanding of your ideas and concepts!

2. People trust print
♥ Traditional print and broadcast media brands have proven more resilient to accusations of “fake news” than social media platforms and digital news outlets. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than half of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. [2]

3. Print cuts through the digital noise
♥ In regards to reading, 73% of Americans surveyed feel that reading a printed book or magazine is more enjoyable than reading them on an electronic device. Mobile devices or smartphones are the least relaxing way to read, with only 30% preferring this method. [3] Many also feel that it is essential to unplug from technology to stop possible adverse health effects and escape “digital overload.”

4. Print is pleasant
♥ Print can appeal to almost all of our senses – the feel of the paper, eye-catching colors, the smell of the ink, and the sound of turning pages or crinkling in hand. According to a recent study, “when brands appeal to more than three senses, advertising effectiveness will increase with 70%”. [4] When done well, your print media can evoke almost every emotion, which in turn increases your advertising effectiveness. Additionally, 79% of U.S. consumers surveyed agreed that print on paper is more pleasant to handle and touch when compared to other media, including 73% of 18 to 24-year-olds. [3]

5. Print is practical
♥ According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of survey data, 10% of U.S. adults do not use the internet. [5] Advertising with digital media alone could cause your business to miss out on potential customers not online. By utilizing print, audiences can be reached anywhere and anytime.

Digital ads are great for delivering quick results with easily measured data. Still, if you want to capture your market effectively, print ads should be part of your marketing strategy. By physically placing your brand in people’s hands, you create lasting impressions that engage your audience in meaningful ways.

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