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Rethinking Your Menus to Help Enhance Safety in Your Restaurant

Single-use disposable menus help stop the spread of COVID-19 germs in restaurants. In fact, your menus can be the most unhygienic part of your dining room; that is, according to WebMD. And with COVID-19 not showing signs of slowing down soon, it is clear that passing around these items from one customer to the next is not the safest thing to do now.

Restaurants seeking to reopen must now prioritize the safety of their patrons and customers. Otherwise, you risk losing your reputation if your dining room becomes the center of an increase in infections. Everyone is on the lookout to avoid such places at the moment. If you receive bad reviews from this, your business may never recover from that loss of trust.

The safest option is to rethink how you are relaying your food offerings to help enhance safety in your dining rooms.

What Are Disposable Menus?

Disposable menus are single-use cards that can be printed in bulk and recycled after use, eliminating contact between restaurant customers.

CDC directives for social distancing and hygiene involving restaurants who are looking to resume operations is to avoid reusable items such as the traditional menus and shift to digital or disposable single-use ones.

Of these two options, the disposable menu has the closest visual appeal to traditional menu cards. They can be prepared in bulk, usually printed on paper sheets, and placed at your restaurants entry or counter for each customer. After use, the customer can dump the menu cards in a bin, and the paper is later taken to the recycler.

Recycling the menu cards after every customer can help minimize physical contact and possibly prevent the spread of COVID germs.

It’s not just the menu design that matters, the quality of the printing paper and ink job does as well. When customers hold it in their hands, the feel of the paper and the smell influences perception.

How We Can Help?

Replica printing can help you ensure pleasing tactile sensations and brilliant colors on your disposable menu cards. You can select from thousands of our designs to create and improve your single-use menus fast.

We can ensure your brand looks great on high-quality paper with brilliant colors and flawless ink. Because these are single-use menus, it’s all about the appearance and costs. The benefits of our printing services include:
• Thousands of menu designs to choose from
• Single and double-sided printing
• Flawless ink without any white edges
• Recyclable paper
• Bulk printing to reduce costs

We use lightweight, thin paper in various grades of whiteness to generate crisp, clean menus that help set a prestigious tone in your dining room while still keeping costs on the low. And of course, we insist that you recycle the disposed of menus to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce costs. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at 858-549-5380.

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