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Five Ways to Save Money on Your Trade Show Booth

Are you stressed out by spending too much money creating your trade show booth? Do you want your booth display to look fantastic but don’t want to spend a fortune in order to make that happen? Here are five great tips for creating a specialized trade show display on a tight budget:

1) Use Large Roll-up Banners to Wow Your Audience

Despite their size, roll-up banners typically weigh only 9 pounds and can add impact to your booth by featuring a large image of your business and logo. Durable and easy to carry and set up, retractable banners are an excellent and inexpensive addition to your display.

2) Rent Your Tables

Do not ship more trade show materials than necessary. Save headaches and expenses by having your tables ready to go for you on site. Your trade show venue will usually provide information on how to rent tables in the materials they send to you.

3) Use Foam Board!

There are tons of ways to use foam board in your booth display. It is lightweight, easy to cut, disposable, and easily obtained from any craft goods store (ex. Michaels). Try to get a bulk discount if you’re going to use a lot of it. It comes in lots of colors too!

4) Fresh Cut Flowers

Speaking of colors, purchase fresh cut flowers to make a great statement. When you get to your trade show destination, visit a local market near the venue and create a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your trade show display. Make sure to choose flower types and colors that work with your booth theme. See our blog on colors if you need some help deciding.

5) Don’t ship it

Save on shipping costs in two ways:

First, have your displays printed near the trade show location. Shipping your posters and trade show display boards is not only expensive but you also run the risk of damaging them during the shipping process.

Find a business printer located near your trade show setting and see if they will deliver the display materials.

The extra cost of next day delivery is well worth the relief of having to deal with shipping your trade show displays.

Secondly, store it. If you visit certain trade shows regularly, save on shipping by having your booth stored in a public storage unit. Small units can be quite inexpensive, and you can often get a deal on your first month or even your entire first year!

The next time your trade show brings you to San Diego, call Replica Printing and let us help you save money on your trade show booth display.

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