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Short Run Publications

A couple weeks ago, we wrote an article about digital printing, what it is, and the benefits of it. One of the products that we are able to print here at Replica Printing is the production of short run publications.

Simply put, a short run publication is a magazine that can be printed in quantities as low as just a single print. Digitally, we can print a publication up to 64 pages, front and back. The pages are then saddle stitched together. Saddle stitching is a simple process that involves folding the pages in half, over a “saddle” and stapling them in the middle.

There are many uses and benefits to short run publications for your business. One is the ability to A/B test market different versions, content, graphics, etc. without the exorbitant cost of having to volume print. Minimum quantities can be as low as one unit a test run.

Another benefit would be the ability to test various cover stocks and paper weights (we wrote another blog article detailing paper weight measurements). Going through lithograph printing process would cost substantially more.

Here is an example of one that we printed for a company in town for a trade show:

Many companies, like the one above, use short run publications for use at trade shows in the form of training manuals.

Another popular use for short run publications is a replacement for your standard flyer. A full size booklet is a much more professional looking way to market your business, especially when dealing with perceived higher end products and services.

Studies have shown that someone is more likely to hang onto something like this for future use as magazines and publications tend to linger on coffee tables and desks.

If you are interested in printing a short run publication, feel free to contact us at any time!

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