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Binding Your Books Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

So, you’ve finally finished that report or book but can’t say “hurrah!” yet because you’re worried about the binding services? Well, while there are things to worry about, like how to hold together the pages, how to cover the book and how to decorate and label the cover, thanks to modern machines, you don’t have to worry so much.

Bookbinding is no longer the lengthy and complicated process it used to be. You no longer have to rely on the publisher’s binding services. Simple-to-use binding machines have made a DIY approach to printing and bookbinding possible. Now you can use your printer to produce a hard-copy of your work, then punch holes through the document and insert the binding element.

And when it comes to speed, manufacturers have made available two versions of binding machines: the electric and the manual. With the manual, the user pulls a handle to punch holes then manually inserts the binding element; it’s used for low-volume binding. The electric binding machine makes use of motors to punch holes and help apply the binding element efficiently. All in all, both designs offer three popular binding formats:

Coil – A spring-like binding element made of plastic is spun into the punched holes of the document to hold the pages together. Documents bound with this spiral coil can open flat, making it suitable for creating reports, notebooks, and even presentation documents.

Comb – The comb binding machines punches 19 rectangular holes along the edges of the document then the user inserts the plastic spine binding element into the holes. With comb binding, the plastic spine element can be re-used, pages can be removed or added to the document easily.

VeloBind – Holes are punched along the edges of your book, then narrow plastic strips are placed along the edges -both front and back – and plastic pegs are used to attach the strips through the holes. Then the book is placed in a machine to melt the pins and strips in place, thereby sealing the bind. Velo-binding is the most secure binding format in the market. To remove pages from a velobonded book, you’ve got to cut the strips using a razor or hot knife.

Why use Replica Printing Services, San Diego?

In as much as machines have made bookbinding easy, it’s still an artistic craft that, if done by creative professionals, will give you something to smile about. With Replica binding services, you don’t have to worry about what type of cover or decoration you want on it, a team of experts will see your vision into reality.

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